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160 UROGEL poches de collecte d’urine gélifiante pour incontinence masculine


160 unites Poche gélifiante express de collecte d”urine

” Prix unitaire: €1,16 (taxes  incl.) pour les hommes, gélifiant urine dans moins de 40 secondes Fabriqué en très solide, non-tissé, faites avec deux compartiments anti – reflux et poudre brevetée BAAL France absorbant les fluides

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We designed a disposable urine bag, ‘UROGEL’ ® ALLOWING urine to gel in less than very Quickly 40 seconds, Avoiding cleaning guns, and contamination.

These pockets UROGEL” ‘® gelling, are Formed of flexible and strong nonwoven and a small scoop of powder gel Following our patent aussi operating at 95% of cases. urine to transform all gel aussi HAVING low PH, All which is Often the box , patients with treatment, or simply aging, sometimes with salt happy medium high gold.

UROGEL our pocket is Formed of two backflow compartments in case of mishandling falling on gelation, and a closure at the top of the pocket with a zip-zip-type” ‘

The bag used to collect urine in 45 cl of one or more doses, Knowing That The goal Would Be To Avoid microbial growth, for several doses.



UROGEL ®: 40 pcs per carton.

Poids 5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 40 cm