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Nano particle sprayer NANO SPRAY


Treatment of high surfaces and external structures of medical devices


Discover our NANO SPRAY Sprayer

Our nanoparticle sprayer NANO SPRAY has a power of 3 hours of use, i.e. 4800 mAh. It therefore stands out from most competing sprayers. Indeed, the latter generally have a capacity of 1800Mah. They cannot therefore be classified as for professional use.

The NANO SPRAY nanoparticle sprayer is thus an ideal solution against the risk of contamination of surfaces from covid delta and other variants.

Our device works with lithium battery. It recharges on 220 V to CE standards, and is validated as such.

Instructions for use in French according to the CE standards in force.

We also offer a 2 year warranty for our nanoparticle sprayer NANO SPRAY

We recommend using it with our attached disinfectant product.


NANO SPRAY sprayer:

Treatment of high surfaces and external structures of medical devices

Intended for the control of microbiological risks related to the environment. For example, bed, table
equipment, monitoring, hemodialysis generators, respirators, dental units)
It is therefore active against the coronavirus
CMR-free*, colorant-free, fragrance-free
Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in contact with food with a rinse
Active against Bacillus Subtilis and Clostridium Difficile
Compatibility with a wide range of materials.
Biocide registration: TP 02/03/04 (inventory number: 44045)

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 60 × 65 cm
Taille du conteneur

FB Spray 500ml, 5 litres, Par carton de 4 (*5L)