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160 UROGEL Disposable URINE BAG by absorption patentd polder


160 units  Men’s urine collection bag; gels urine in less than 40 seconds, made of very solid non-woven fabric, consisting of two anti-reflux compartments and an absorbent soluble sachet.

UROGEL ®: 40 pcs per carton.

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We have designed a single-use urinary bag, ‘UROGEL’ ®; allowing urine to gel very quickly in less than 40 seconds, thus avoiding the cleaning of guns and the risk of contamination.

These gelling ”UROGEL’ ® pouches are made of flexible and solid nonwoven, and a small pod of our gelling powder also according to patent, working in 95% of cases. allowing all urine to be transformed into a gel; also having low PH, which is often the case, patients undergoing treatment, or simply aging, sometimes with moderate or high salt levels.

Our UROGEL pouch /bag is formed by two anti-backflow compartments, in the event of improper handling during gelation, and a closure at the top of the pouch, using a ” Zip’

The bag allows you to collect 45 cl of urine in one or more doses, knowing that the goal would be to avoid microbial development, for several doses.



UROGEL ® : 40 pcs per box.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 40 cm